William F. Lewis: A San Francisco House Builder.

San Francisco, CA: The Book Club of California, 1993. First edition. Perfect Bound. Small quarto, pp. 62, illustrated with b/w photographs. Good; coffee stain soils the cover and some internal pages. Item #21656

This story is about how houses were built in San Francisco in the 1880's and 1890's, and about William F. Lewis who was one of the hundreds of contractors in the city who built them. Although Lewis was not prolific compared to some of them (such as the Hinkel brothers, the Rountrees, or Fernando Nelson), his career was in many ways representative. His houses, which he designed himself, look very much like other Victorian houses of the time. He took steps, it appears, to enlarge the scope of his operations, and in this he failed as did undoubtedly many other builders. And so, William F. Lewis's story tells us much about the Victorian-era house-building industry as a whole.

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