The Forgotten Art Of Building A Good Fireplace: How to Alter Unsatisfactory Fireplaces & to Build New Ones in the 18th Century Fashion; The Story of Count Rumford & His Fireplace Designs That Have Remained Unchanged Since 1795

Dublin, NH: Yankee, 1974. Paperback. Very Good, ex-library. Item #21429

Most modern architects and masons do not know how to design or to build a fireplace in the 18th century manner that will always be a source of beauty and delight and never smoke ... if built right. Trouble is, most fireplaces built in American homes in the 20th century have been built wrong: they are low, squatty, unattractive boxes and they usually smoke. Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford, an American genius of equal stature in science and invention to Benjamin Franklin, established basic and immutable principles of fireplace design in 1795; these have remained unchanged and nearly unknown since that time. This book is the first separate book since 1906 on Rumford's fireplace design. The author sets forth in this volume the basic principles and, with drawings by Austin Stevens based on Rumford's work, he offers Rumford's designs for a new generation. This book can also be used to alter existing, bad fireplaces into good ones.

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