Matico Asphalt Tile Flooring Samples. Flooring, Mastic Tile Corporation of America.

Matico Asphalt Tile Flooring Samples.

Newburgh, NY: Mastic Tile Corporation of America, 1956. Original edition. Cardboard Box, maroon. 8.5" x 4.5" x 2.25" full box, filled with 27 4" x 4" floor tile samples. The tiles have color codes and company information printed on the back of each. The box front flips down, with advertising information printed inside the box. Very Good. Item #19918

A beautiful set of "greaseproof" asphalt tile flooring samples, housed in its original box, representing many attractive color patterns. The samples are in excellent condition. The box has a split on two corners of the lid, but the base is in very good condition. The Good Housekeeping seal of approval is printed on the box lid. A great reference piece for anyone who likes vintage vinyl flooring.

Price: $85.00