Lombard Architecture Volumes I-IV: Complete. Architectural History, Arthur Kingsley Porter.

Lombard Architecture Volumes I-IV: Complete.

New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1915-1917. First edition. Cloth over Boards. Volume I: Quarto, pp. xxxvii, 483, bibliography. Volume II: Quarto, pp. 675. Volume III: Quarto, pp. 611, indexed. Volume IV: Folio, pp. 20 plus 244 b/w drawing and photographic plates. Very good; plate volume as new. Item #19074

The term Lombard architecture refers to the architecture of the Kingdom of the Lombards in Italy, which lasted from 568 to 774 and which was commissioned by the Lombard kings and dukes. Porter was an American art historian and medievalist. His study of Lombard architecture was the first in its class. Volume I is dedicated to structure and ornament. Volumes II and III focus on monuments. The plate volume IV contains larger plates reproducing some six hundred or more photographs completely illustrative of the subject, and many of them taken by the author. An exceptional set of this important contribution to the study of Lombard architecture.

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