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Coast of Maine (western part).
32 X 22 lithograph, Coast of Maine from NH border & Portsmouth to Rockport and Camden, in blues, red and green colors.

Date Published: 1890's

Price: $75.00
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Pottsdam, Palace at Sans Soucy ("Vue du Chateau roial de Sans Soucy").
17 X 12 1/2, colored engraving mounted on heavy stock with pin holes for illumination "guckkasten" image

Date Published: late 18th centu

Price: $325.00
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[Africa]. Jackson, Stanley P.
Climatological Atlas of Africa; Atlas Climatologique de L'Afrique; Atlas Climatologico de Africa: Commission for Technical Co-operation in Africa South of the Sahara. Joint Project No. 1.
Elephant Folio (24 x 18), 55 Plates (most double format, i.e. 24 x 36) in color, showing temperature and rainfall.

Date Published: 1961

Price: $225.00
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[Africa]. na.
Atlas of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland.
Folio (18" x 28"), 24 beautiful full-color maps depicting geology, vegetation, rainfall, and much more

Date Published: 1962

Price: $300.00
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[Asia]. (Gorshkov, S. G., editor).
Atlas Okeanov; Tukhii Okean.
Folio, pp. 302, beautiful full-color maps, text in Russian, includes companion volume "Atlas of the Oceans - Pacific Ocean" in English published by Pergamon Press in 1976, pp. 88

Date Published: 1974

Price: $500.00
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[Asia]. (Ministerstvo Oboroni SSSR).
Atlas Okeanov; Severni Ledoviti Okean.
Folio, pp. 184, beautiful full-color maps, large fold-out map in front pocket (in two parts) entitled "REL'EF DNA MIROVOGO OKEANA" in pristine condition, text in Russian

Date Published: 1980

Price: $500.00
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[Atlas]. (George Phillip and T. Swinborne Shelborne, ed.).
Putnam's Economic Atlas: A Systemactic Survey of the World's Trade, Economic Resources and Communications
Folio Format, pp xv, 112 plates

Date Published: 1925

Price: $275.00
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[Atlas]. A. Grant Anderson, ed.
New Zealand in Maps.
folio format, pp 140

Date Published: 1977

Price: $8.00
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[Atlas]. A. M. and W. J. Talbot.
Atlas of the Union of South Africa: Atlas van die Unie van Suid-Afrika
Folio Format, pp 178

Date Published: 1960

Price: $120.00
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[Atlas]. Arbingast, Stanley A., et. al.
Atlas of Mexico.
Oblong Quarto, pp. 164. Appendix, Bibliography. Richly illustrated with b/w and color diagrams, maps, and charts.

Date Published: 1975

Price: $40.00
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[Atlas]. Barkley, Richard A.
Oceanographic Atlas of the Pacific Ocean.
Oblong Quarto, pp. 20 + 156 b/w and color full-page figures

Date Published: 1968

Price: $40.00
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[Atlas]. Beckingham, C.F.
Atlas of the Arab World and the Middle East.
Folio Format, pp 40 color plates, 20 photographs

Date Published: 1960

Price: $10.00
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[Atlas]. Bellin, Jaques Nicholas.
Old Maps of the World: Sets 1 through 5 (North America, South America, Mexico/Central America, Africa, Asia).
Folio, pp 10 per volume

Date Published: 1959

Price: $60.00
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[Atlas]. Blewitt, Mary.
Surveys of the Seas: A Brief history of British Hydrography.
Folio (10 x 15), pp. 168, Sumptuously illustrated w/ b/w and color chart and map reproductions

Date Published: 1957

Price: $35.00
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[Atlas]. Helmfrid, Staffan (special ed.) and Dept. of Human Geography, University of Stockholm.
Landscape and Settlements (A volume of the National Atlas of Sweden).
Folio, pp. 160. Indexed, profusely illustrated in b/w and color

Date Published: 1994

Price: $50.00
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[Atlas]. Helmfrid, Staffan (special ed.) and Dept. of Human Geography, University of Stockholm.
The Geography of Sweden (A volume of the National Atlas of Sweden).
Folio, pp. 160. Indexed, profusely illustrated in b/w and color

Date Published: 1994

Price: $50.00
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[Atlas]. S. Augustus Mitchell.
New Universal Atlas of the World Containing Maps of the various Empires, Kingdoms, States and Republics of the World, With a special map of each of the United States, Plans of Cities &tc., Comprehended in seventy sheets and forming a series of One Hundred
Folio (14 x 17 1/2), pp. 72, 73 hand-colored maps plus important b/w engraving on title page (First Landing of Columbus in the New World), and hand-colored diagram (Lengths of the Principal Rivers... Heights of the Principal Mountains).

Date Published: 1849

Price: $4,500.00
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[Europe]. Ministério Das Colónias.
Atlas de Portugal Ultramarino: E Das Grandes Viagens Portuguesas de Descobrimento e Expansão
Folio, pp. 110 full-color maps of Portugal and its colonies

Date Published: 1948

Price: $300.00
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[Maps]. Cassini, Jacques.
Planisphere Terrestre. Suivant les nouvelles Observations des Astronomes. Dressé et presenté au Roy tres Chretien par Mr. Cassini le Fils. De l'Acadmie Royale des Sciences./Planispherum Terrestre, Secundum recentiores Astronorum. Observationes A. D. Cassi
Hand colored copper engraving, map by Jacques Cassini and classical figures engraved by Jan Goeree. Land mass outlines are colored as well. Colors bright and clear. Map cartouches in French and Latin.

Date Published: ca. 1712

Price: $1.00
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[Mexico]. (Secretaria de Agricultura y Ganaderia).
Atlas Geografico de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos.
Folio (24" x 18"), indexed, contains 32 color maps

Date Published: 1967/1972

Price: $250.00
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[New England]. American Bankers' Association.
A Bird's-Eye View of the Hotel, Theatre and Shopping Districts of Boston: with Bank Directory and General Information
small octavo, fold-out full color pictorial map, inside stock wraps.

Date Published: 1913

Price: $60.00
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[New England]. George Walker & Co.
Colored view of Western Maine.
Full color map, approx. 20" x 36", (3 x 6 folded)

Date Published: 1903

Price: $125.00
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[Other]. (Rand McNally & Co.).
Commercial Atlas of Foreign Countries: A Companion Volume to the Commercial Atlas of America
Folio (16 x 21), pp. 349, beautiful color maps, "with an alphabetical index of more than 150,000 place names and names of physical features, with key to location on map; latest available population figures; chief ports of call; many industrial, commercial and historical notations; altitudes of principal mountains, lengths of chief rivers, and depths of principal lakes".

Date Published: 1921

Price: $175.00
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[Reference]. Pillipps, P. Lee.
A List of Maps of America in the Library of Congress, Preceded by a list of Works Relating to Cartography. (two volumes in one).
Thick Octavo, pp. 1137

Date Published: (1901) 1967

Price: $35.00
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[Travel]. Yaciimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos Servicio Geolocio de Bolivia.
Mapa Geologico de Bolivia: Memoria Explicativa.
quarto. 27 pp. scarce. includes bibliographic listing. text in Spanish.

Date Published: 1978

Price: $15.00
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[Western US]. John Palliser.
Exploration- British North America, Papers relative to the Exploration of that portion of British North America: which lies between the northern branch of the river Saskatchewan and the frontier of the United States; and between the Red rive
folio format, pp 79 plus fold out map

Date Published: 1969

Price: $20.00
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