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Welcome to our Web site! We specialize in rare architecture books & rare building trades books for designers, builders, and preservationists.
We have exceptional rare architectural and building trades books.  Please sign up for our monthly newsletter or contact us to learn about the details!

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Here are some featured items from the Gallery:

Let us know if you'd like information on any of our building trades catalogs, references about architecture or large collection of historic pattern books, graphic standards, and Sweet's catalogs.
Happy Browsing!
Telephone: 978.664.5959
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Featured Item
Universal Concrete Accessories - Catalog 400.
[Concrete & Cement]. Universal Form Clamp Company.

Universal Form Clamp Co.: Chicago, IL, nd ca 1931. Quarto, pp 56. b/w illustrations on each page.. more

Price: $60.00

Home Builder's Plan Book - A Collection of Architectural Designs for Small Houses Submitted in Competition by Architects and Architectural Draftsmen in Connection with the 1921 Own Your Home Expositions New York and Chicago.
[Pattern Book]. Own-A-Home Exposition, Inc.

Building Plan Holding Corp.: New York, 1921. Small quarto pp 84. Generously illustrated with sepia-toned photographs and floor plans, elevations, and exterior perspectives.. more

Price: $85.00

Cornell Portable Buildings.
[Pattern Book]. Wyckoff Lumber & Mfg. Co.

Wyckoff Lumber & Mfg. Co.: Ithaca, NY, nd ca 1910. Oblong small quarto, pp 48. Illustrated title page, b/w photographs & thumbnail floor plans on each page... more

Price: $95.00

Radford's Garages and How to Build Them; a Standard Collection of New, Original, and Artistic Designs for Up-to-date Private and Public Garages adapted to Frame, Brick, Stone, Cement, Stucco, or Concrete Construction, Together with Estimates of Cost.
[Pattern Book]. Radford, William A.

Radford Architectural Co.: Chicago, IL, 1910. Small quarto, pp. 108, indexed. Illustrated with b/w drawings, photographs and floor plans of 55 designs... more

Price: $175.00

The NATCO Tex-Tile One-Family House : A Selection of Designs Submitted in Competition by Architects
[Pattern Book]. National Fireproofing Company (NATCO).

National Fireproofing Co.: Pittsburgh, PA, 1917. Quarto, pp 72.b/w architectural perspectives, site plans & floor plans, on each page. Some b/w photographs and construction details... more

Price: $125.00

Two Family Homes And Apartments.
[Pattern Book]. Wood Construction Bureau, Maintained by The Cleveland Board of Lumber Dealers.

The Cleveland Board of Lumber Dealers: Cleveland, OH, nd ca 1915. Oblong quarto, pp 47. b/w perspective illustrations and floor plans on every page... more

Price: $125.00

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