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Terra Cotta - 2 Trade Publications 1) American Terra Cotta; 2) American Wall Block.
[Masonry]. American Terra Cotta Corporation.

Price: $80.00

Structural Repair of Traditional Buildings.
[Structural Engineering]. Patrick Robson.

Price: $125.00

Highlight Your Plans with Skylights of Original Solid Corrugated Wire Glass : Catalog No. 16A-1954
[Windows]. Pennsylvania Wire Glass Company.

Price: $40.00

Historic and Obsolete Roofing Tile; Preserving the History of Roofing Tiles.
[Roofing]. Hobson, Vincent H. and Melvin Mann.

Price: $85.00

Machines for Selling (Storefronts, Display Cases, Furnishings, Hardware, and other retail design elements).
[Modernism]. The Kawneer Company.

Price: $1,200.00

Shark River Hills - "The New Asbury Park Suburb"
[Real Estate]. Morrisey & Walker.

Price: $65.00

Home Style Trends.
[Pattern Book]. National Plan Service, Inc.

Price: $65.00

Home Builder's Plan Book, A Collection of Architectural Designs for Small Houses Submitted in Competition by Architects and Architectural Draftsmen in Connection with the 1921 OWN YOUR HOME EXPOSITION, New York and Chicago.
[Pattern Book]. The Architectural Forum and The Builders' Journal.

Price: $100.00

The Small House Primer.
[American]. Bonta, Edwin.

Price: $45.00

Preserving the Recent Past and Preserving the Recent Past 2 (two volumes).
[Restoration]. Deborah and Rebecca A. Shiffer.

Price: $50.00

The Architectural Forum, October 1935, Vol. 63 - No. Four (The Small House; 101 Houses).
[Architecture]. Myers, Howard (Editor).

Price: $75.00

Insulux Glass Block - Offers Light, Insulation and Low Maintenance for Industrial Buildings.
[Glass]. Owens-Illinois Insulux Glass Company.

Price: $75.00

Distinctive Homes of Moderate Cost - Being A Collection of Country and Suburban Homes In Good Taste, With Some Value in Suggestion for the Home-Builder.
[Architecture]. Saylor Henry H. (Editor).

Price: $130.00

Pittsburgh Doorways : A.I.A. File No. 16-N-1960
[Glass]. Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company.

Price: $50.00

Spanish Farm Houses and Minor Public Buildings.
[International]. Soule, Winsor & Ralph A. Cram (Introduction).

Price: $85.00

3 Aluminum door trade pamphlets - ca 1960.
[Metal]. VAMPCO; Himco; H&J.

Price: $45.00

Builders Handbook of NATCO Hollow Tile Construction.
[Masonry]. National Fire Proofing Company (NATCO).

Price: $90.00

Architectural Terra Cotta, Standard Construction.
[Terra Cotta]. National Terra Cotta Society.

Price: $200.00

Modern American Design by the American Union of Decorative Artists and Craftsmen.
[Modernism]. R.L. Leonard, C.A. Glassgold (Editors).

Price: $250.00

Small Homes of Today (Key Homes through Curtis Dealers).
[Pattern Book]. Curtis Companies.

Price: $160.00

Architectural Terra Cotta Brochure Series Volume One The School.
[Terra Cotta]. National Terra Cotta Society.

Price: $110.00

2 Metal door trade pamphlets (bronze, aluminum, steel, stainless steel) - ca 1960.
[Metal]. Ellison Bronze Company, Flour City Metal Doors.

Price: $55.00

Regles de Cinq Ordres d'Architecture de Vignolle. (The Five Orders of Architecture).
[Architectural History]. Vignola, Giacomo Barozzi (translated by Pierre Le Muet).

Price: $950.00

Traite D'Architecture (4 Volume Set - 2 vol. text, 2 vol. plates.) - Premiere Partie - Art de bâtir - étude sur les Materiaux de Construction et les éléments des édifices, and Deuxieume Partie - Composition des Edifices, études sur l'esthétique, L'Histoir
[Architectural History]. Reynaud, M. Leonce.

Price: $750.00

House Framing Details, Vol IV, CH 3; Construction Information Series.
[Building as Envelope]. R.G. Kimball, Architectural Advisor.

Price: $75.00

Signs, Streets, and Storefronts - A history of Architecture and Graphics Along America's Commercial Corridors.
[Building as Envelope]. Treu, Martin.

Price: $65.00

Architecture (3 volumes) - May 1932, August 1932 & December 1932 - with Portfolios of "Exterior Doors of Wood" - "Wood Ceilings" - "Over-Mantel Treatments"
[Architecture]. Charles Scribner's Sons.

Price: $120.00

Timmeren handleiding vorr bouwconstructeurs (Timmeren Manual for Construction Contractors).
[Building]. I.J. Van Der Veen.

Price: $75.00

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